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Easily create beautiful, simple to use, and easily extendable documentation for your WordPress themes.


Read: Beautiful Theme Documentation with WPThemeDoc


WPThemeDoc is straight HTML, but it utilizes a few "Find and Replace" variables so it's that much easier to plug in your relevant data. Simply conduct a search and replace the following:


You'll need to add or remove your own sections, but that's easy to do as well - with minimal code.

Add a link in the header nav element, like this: [<a href="#Developers">Developers</a>] and then add a section below with the same ID, like this: [<section id="Developers">]. Then just add your content!


If you have any suggestions, ideas, and the like - let me know!

##License & Copyright

GPL v2.0 or later. Copyright (C) 2016 Rich Tabor http://richtabor.com/