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Creative Commons DHTML puzzle game built on Diggy JavaScript engine.
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Bombada is a simple match-3 game written in JavaScript using the Diggy game engine. Read more

Known issues

  • Doesn't work in IE. My plan from the get-go was to support it, but ... no. Just no.
  • When pieces fall they're a little too bouncy when they land. Didn't used to do that. Weird.
  • It's too easy. It should have gone through more rounds of testing and tweaking.
  • The How-to-play flow is weak sauce. It should be integrated with the gameplay. Out of scope, oh well.
  • Note: desired features can be found in htdocs/js/bombada.js comments

Platform differences

Platform      | Dimensions | Audio Script   | Sounds Available | Directory Structure

iPad              1024x768   audio_html5.js   Music              Flat
iPhone             420x380   audio_html5.js   Music              Flat
Mobile Safari      420x380   audio_html5.js   Music              Folders
Web                420x380   audio.js         Music/SFX          Folders


Matt Hackett, with music and sound effects by Joshua Morse.

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