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Version 201206291700 - Fixed some tests, minor changes to string and import handling
Version 201203071100 - Hotfix to functions, overhauled evaluation method to be less rubbish
Version 201203061130 - Added min/max functions, fix to lists (evaluation instead of just lexing of values)
Version 201203042100 - Fixes to interpolation in selectors, test coverage, and some cleanup
Version 201203021700 - Placeholder selectors! Fixes to [selectors] when nested leaving a space.
Version 201203011100 - Hotfix for unfound function arguments in url() turning up empty from @imported files.
Version 201203010930 - Fix to minor issues and notices (regressions due to changes in prior version)
Version 201203010000 - Proper list support, functions: if, adjust-color, scale-color, change-color, named parameters for functions+mixins, various minor bugfixes
Version 201202100115 - fix to @import parsing of url(x.css)
Version 201202100100 - fix to @each parsing of things like rgba(*,*,*,*) which previously removed braces incorrectly.
Version 201202092300 - fix to @mixins calling @mixins involving variable-name collisions, minor fix to interpolation fail
Version 201202081100 - fix to @media contexts
Version 201202072300 - first version with versions!
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