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Sina Weibo For The World - A social web experiment

This extension adds a number of features to the popular Sina Weibo Microblogging service ( to enable non-native Chinese speakers to interact with the online Chinese community in their native language.

This extension for the Opera browser adds the following features for non-native Chinese users of Sina Weibo:

  • A Google Translate bar that will translate all pages you visit at in to your own native language.
  • A handy translate-as-you-type feature when you click in any text box available on the site allowing you to say something in your native language and have that posted on in Chinese.

This is a work in progress social web experiment to connect disparate global voices to enable inclusive global conversations.


  1. Install Opera (if you don't already have it).
  2. Click here (or on the 'ZIP' icon above) to download this repository as a ZIP file.
  3. Rename the downloaded ZIP file in your file system so that it ends with '.oex' (e.g. Sina-Weibo-FTW-Opera-Extension.oex).
  4. Click on the renamed ZIP file in your file system to load this extension in to your Opera browser.
  5. Visit and get started!


Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.


Many thanks go to Jeff To for writing the Sina Weibo Translator User JS Script on which this Extension heavily relies.

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