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A gmail snooze workflow for mac, using Alfred and Keyboard Maestro.
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SnoozeGmail v1.1
by Rich Vreeland

to use :

- if on the inbox screen : select e-mail(s) first.
- invoke Alfred and type `z `

available syntax :

't' or '2' or 'd' = tomorrow. same as '1d'
'w' = next week
'm' = next month
'y' = next year

'11a' = next instance of 11am, which may be tomorrow

'3w' = 3 weeks from now. for units greater than an hour, defaults to morning.

'1m'  : in 1 minute
'1h'  : in 1 hour
'1d'  : in 1 day
'1w'  : in 1 week
'1mo' : in 1 month
'1y'  : in 1 year

'd20' : a random time within the next year.

some examples native to the API:

'mon', 'tue', 'wed', 'thu', 'fri', 'sat', 'sun'
'jan 9 2019'
'next wed'
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