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Disasterpeace's January, ported to HaxeFlixel by @SeiferTim

January is a generative music tool. You walk around and look up to lick snowflakes with your tongue. The tool uses a set of rules to make choices about what pitch the next note (or notes) will be. It also gives the player freedom to play various types of chords, and choose when and how notes will be played. There are a bunch of advanced features, which you can explore below. It was made with Flixel and Flash/AS3.

It has since been ported to HaxeFlixel, which allows for native binaries for PC, Mac, etc. Some new features have also been added in the process.

Basic Controls

Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD to move around and use your tongue.

Advanced Controls

Use the BRACKETS to toggle through the game modes:
"Write" is the default mode
"Repeat" allows you to repeat up to the last 8 notes from Write mode.
"Detour" allows you to generate notes freely without effecting your Repeat sequence.

Use ENTER to reverse the order of your Repeat sequence.
Use BACKSLASH to reset your sequence in Write mode. Use it to go back to the beginning of your sequence in Repeat mode.

Use H to toggle display of the HUD, which shows note information.
Use N to toggle display of note names.
Use M to toggle display of a button for saving your performance to a MIDI file!

Use T to change the attack time of the notes. (Fast, Medium, Slow, or Molasses).
Use SHIFT to change the note lengths (Random, Short, Medium, or Full).

Use PLUS to change the amount of snowfall. (Flurry, Shower, or Blizzard).

Use K to change the Musical Key! (C, or A).
Use COMMA, PERIOD to toggle through modes (Ionian, Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, or Aeolian)
Use SLASH. to toggle Pentatonics Mode. Turns the current scale/mode into its simpler Pentatonic version.
Use P. to toggle Pedal Point Mode. Adds pedal tones (a root or fifth note) to non-chord generating snowflakes.

I. Improv Move - January will periodically change things for you!
ZERO. Auto Pilot, if you want to see/hear the tool play itself!

CONTROL. Hold this to move really fast! (aka cheat)

Gamepads are also supported. Controls can be customized by editing the Controls.cfg file.


Disasterpeace's January, ported to HaxeFlixel by @SeiferTim




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