Matchmaking chat system based on interests and karma ratings.
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This is a chat system that matches strangers to each other and lets them chat.
Strangers are matched based on their interests and their karma points. Users
can increase the karma of their chatting partner if they enjoyed the
conversation and lower the karma if their chatting partner was obscene, rude,
naked, etc.

Interest Matching System (Wikipedia Based)
Matches the interests of two people. Assigns "match" points based on how close
the interests are. To compare two tags, our system looks at one tag (eg.
physics) and looks at the Wikipedia page of another tag (eg. science). The
system parses the wikipedia page and looks at the words on the page. If the
page of the first tag (physics) sees the word of the second tag (science), it
looks at the Wiki page of the second tag to see the reverse is true (the word
physics is found on the science page). This backwards checking is implemented
to reduce noise coming from unrelated words on the Wiki page.