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CHANGELOG for RDTJ (Roundeye's Duct-Tape Jukebox)
See LICENSE file for license and copying information.
[ times are GMT ]
[ RDTJ 0.4 released ]
date: 2001/09/28 05:56:06 author:roundeye
- fixed another db busy-waiting loop bug
date: 2001/09/27 20:24:30 author:roundeye
- decreased mp3 player verbosity
- fixed bug with non-playable files causing busy-waiting db loop
date: 2001/09/27 06:39:31 author:roundeye
- minor tweaks to random song logic after self-audit of code
[ 0.4 Release Candidate 1]
date: 2001/09/27 05:53:18 author:roundeye
- updated README for 0.4
- fixed minor usage string error in
date: 2001/09/27 01:52:09 author:roundeye
- rewrote main back-end play loop
- fixed timing issues with random songs and MySQL
- streamlined
- set reasonable query delays
- updated front-end color settings
- turned off back-end debugging by default
- dropped use of player tag in human-readable front-end UI (use only player message)
- miscellaneous cleanup
date: 2001/09/26 05:47:47 author:roundeye
- merged vigilante code with jukebox code (we now use a fork() model)
- added a SIGCHLD handler
- factored database code out to RDTJ::DB
- factored database queries out into hash structure
(significantly trimmed redundant db code)
- added hack to allow RDTJ::Config to be read from PHP as well :-)
date: 2001/09/23 19:54:41 author: roundeye
- factored out Perl logging code to RDTJ::Log
- factored out Perl configuration code to RDTJ::Config
- factored out Perl signal handlers to RDTJ::RDTJ
- now initialize Perl vars from RDTJ::Config values
- updating file headers (license info, CHANGELOGs, etc.)
- removed CVS Log headers
- cleaned up formatting/indentation in numerous places
- fixed vigilante version of PlayerName/SafePlayerName bug
- now use FindBin to locate vigilante (and new RDTJ:: libs)
date: 2001/09/21 04:27:50; author: roundeye
- fixed: /index.php URLS -> index.php (patch submitted by Ryan Drake <>)
- fixed: tables.sql queue table now includes 'player' column (patch submitted by Ryan Drake <>)
- minor tweaks to random song routine (variable rename, added sleep 1) --
this is only a temporary fix until tomorrow :-)
date: 2001/08/11 18:44:09; author: roundeye
- Added support for random songs when playlist(s) empty
- index.php: toggle switch for same
- index.php: added total music time to request list display (useful for making cassette
tapes, e.g.)
date: 2001/07/20 22:24:44; author: roundeye
- er. I mean fixed the previous bug (infinite quote escaping)
date: 2001/07/20 22:19:09; author: roundeye
- fixed "infinite quote-escaping" bug when player gets disconnected
date: 2001/01/09 11:21:08; author: roundeye
- now support migration of requests from one player to another :-)
date: 2001/01/08 13:46:03; author: roundeye
- shitheaded bug with jukebox<->vigilante interaction
date: 2001/01/08 13:23:21; author: roundeye
- front-end now supports multiple jukeboxes
date: 2001/01/08 11:55:50; author: roundeye
- update_rdtj now starts jukebox properly
date: 2001/01/08 11:54:35; author: roundeye
- Player message now updating
date: 2001/01/08 11:47:53; author: roundeye
- backend now supports multiple queues
date: 2001/01/08 11:02:11; author: roundeye
- index.php is showing up modified, but a diff shows nothing; presumably this
is a timestamp/clock issue
- moved upgrades/tables_1.1-1.2.sql to upgrades/tables_0.1-0.2.sql, which is
what it should have been called in the first place
- added upgrades/tables_0.2,0.3-0.4.sql to allow migration between 0.[23] and 0.4
which will include multi-player support
date: 2001/01/08 10:54:05; author: roundeye
- added "force artist" and "force album" commands to add script
date: 2000/11/02 14:41:07; author: roundeye
- tiny interface usability change -- when submitting songs, keep the
proper expansion (artist expanded / album expanded) but on reload jump
to the album from the submitted song (reduces scrolling for multi-album
date: 2000/11/01 13:00:23; author: roundeye
- wired 'add' up to the database
- added code to only add mp3's which are not already in the database.
date: 2000/10/24 13:26:18; author: roundeye
- major work on "add" script to add mp3's to database
date: 2000/10/23 08:51:13; author: roundeye
- add: adding more heuristics for name lookups
- add: added ability to search eastcore music database
date: 2000/10/16 20:48:50; author: roundeye
- adds: adding heuristics: put in most common english words and
english single-letter frequency data
- add: working on cleanup/final heuristics
date: 2000/10/16 19:59:39; author: roundeye
- add: incomplete first check-in of heuristic mp3 insertion tool
[ RDTJ 0.3 released ]
date: 2000/10/16 13:33:46; author: roundeye
- insert_album: fixed minor bug with insert_album: it was intended to
be run for one album at a time, but it turns out that it works *almost* perfectly for
multiple albums at once (perl insert_albums list1 list2 list3 ...)
except for the fact that the album sort order field doesn't reset on
album boundaries. Sort order is still correct but instead of each album
having tracks numbered 1, 2, 3... they continue on upwards.
date: 2000/10/16 13:06:43; author: roundeye
- add update_rdtj, a little utility script to update rdtj
from CVS and restart player
date: 2000/10/16 12:37:33; author: roundeye
- made 'ps' search more robust (was failing in some circumstances)
date: 2000/10/16 12:34:08; author: roundeye
- added clean error page for db down situations
- workarounds for a couple of very annoying bugs in old mysql's
- uniform wording for hide/show links
[ RDTJ 0.2 released ]
date: 2000/10/15 15:22:39; author: roundeye
- code review
- comment cleanup
- tweaked some logic/UI facets
date: 2000/10/15 13:20:24; author: roundeye
- documentation bug ("Getopts::Long" should have been "Getopt::Long")
- fixed bad song list bug when admin off (introduced after -0.3 during
db optimization spree)
date: 2000/10/15 10:37:51; author: roundeye
- bugfix since I broke the player stop/start commands when I added the
time until play code
date: 2000/10/15 09:53:23; author: roundeye
- added real-time "time remaining" to player status area
- added real-time "should play in" times to request list
date: 2000/10/15 08:59:55; author: roundeye
- added vigilante -- companion to jukebox_player which can hunt and kill
active mpg123 instances
- added code to use vigilante to implement "skip track" and "pause immediately"
player controls
- updated player controls interface; player status code
date: 2000/10/15 06:44:45; author: roundeye
- fixed bug with display of songs/song admin for last album in list (if I tell
you "while loop" can you guess what the stupid bug was?)
- added mysql_free_result()'s where I had forgotten them earlier
- optimized song list queries to make the song list *fast* as snake snot
(really makes a difference on collections > 100 albums)
date: 2000/10/14 13:28:27; author: roundeye
- added player controls
- added collapsible song list
- added auto-refresh capabilities
- some formatting; testing; bugfixes; odds and ends
date: 2000/10/14 10:52:03; author: roundeye
- finished administration code (including artist, album, and song administration)
- navigated the quagmire that is php's "magic quotes"/"addslashes"/"-v.-&quot; nightmare
date: 2000/10/14 07:57:52; author: roundeye
- added page footer pointing to sourceforge repository
- factored out configuration variables from front-end
- reorganized display of tracks in various places
- made track display components optional
- added artist administration code
- added general admin password
- added "close" links on requests and greatest hits areas
- new colored region for current song; reformatted current song display
- factored out readable_time code into a function
- added 1x1 transparent gif to html for display prettification
date: 2000/10/13 13:38:59; author: roundeye
- added script to upgrade tables to rdtj-0.2 for
rdtj-0.1 users.
use: mysql -uuser -p -hhost mp3 < tables_1.1-1.2.sql
date: 2000/10/13 13:37:47; author: roundeye
Minor bugfixes; major code cleanup streamlining and commenting
- mass-kill on request lists
- IP address tracking and display;
- "Greatest hits" list and all the wholesome goodness therein;
- "play an entire album" feature
- display of playing and requested songs in songs list
- command-line args/usage/etc. in backend
- verbose mode for mpg123
- many more backend options/configs
- fixed backend to allow tracking greatest hits
- logging to stdout by default
- added '-' filehandle
- support for remote host db's on backend
- updated README documentation to track new features
- upgrade directory in CVS
- updated queue table to store IP's
- added upgrade script from 0.1->0.2
- pretty colors
- yada yada yada
[ RDTJ 0.1 released ]
date: 2000/10/13 10:23:23; author: roundeye
- command-line args processing for Perl scripts
- override of defaults
- commenting
- code cleanup
- basic sanity checking
- now requires Getopts::Long (!)
date: 2000/10/13 02:40:20; author: roundeye
- added README (first attempt at documentation)
- split out html header/footer into separate files
- formatting cleanup, additional commenting
date: 2000/10/12 09:28:46; author: roundeye
- First attempt at basic installation docs and a little bit about the program.
date: 2000/10/12 07:32:07; author: roundeye
- Initial commit of rdtj source