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- <title>artisan natural dyeworks - plant and earth-based dye service</title>
+ <title>eco-dye-it - plant and earth-based dyeing and living</title>
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- <h1>artisan <span class="heading_color">natural</span><br />
- dyeworks</h1>
+ <h1>ecodyeit</h1>
- <p>artisan natural dyeworks: connecting our customers with the colors of nature.</p>
+ <p>natural dyeing and living in nashville, tennessee</p>
@@ -38,20 +37,19 @@ <h1>artisan <span class="heading_color">natural</span><br />
<div id="main_content">
- <h2>Natural dyework for your sampling and production needs<br /></h2>
- <p>Artisan Natural Dyeworks is an artisanal dyehouse based in Nashville, Tennessee,
- specializing in the use of all-natural plant- and earth-based dyes to dye garments, piece goods
- and production yardage. As one of the only U.S. based companies to provide natural dye services
- at a scale suitable for independent designers, we collaborate with nature and you to create
- ecologically-friendly colors for your fashion line. We grow and gather our own dye materials,
- work with farmers to cultivate natural dye plants on a larger scale, and design and use
- minimal-waste systems to create distinctive colors for your clothing lines.</p>
+ <h2>Watch this space!<br /></h2>
+ <p>As of March 2012, we no longer do custom dye work. However, we remain passionate about natural dyes, vibrant local community, and this amazing world we live in!
+ Need naturally-dyed fabrics? Interested in supporting farmers in the southeastern U.S.? Please visit <a href="">Southern Hues</a>. There you can
+ <a href="">view and purchase sustainable fabrics</a> dyed with Southeastern-grown natural dyes. Learn about founder <a href="">Sarah Bellos's vision</a> for sustaining farmers, promoting health, building community, and celebrating the beauty of natural dyes.
+ </p>
+ <p>We are in the process of transforming our physical dye space in West Nashville into a community center for engaged art, plant medicine, natrual dyes, and community education. Please stay tuned over the next months as we transition this website into a virtual space that reflects these interests as well!
<div id="footer">
- <p>artisan natural dyeworks | nashville, tn 37209 | 615.306.3154 |
+ <p>eco-dye-it | nashville, tn 37209 |</p>

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