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Arc repo I am using to submit patchs for Hackerstreet india
Arc Scheme Emacs Lisp VimL Perl Python Shell
Pull request Compare This branch is 9 commits ahead, 568 commits behind arclanguage:master.
Latest commit 5b625b9 Paresh Mathur added google search box for HSI
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CHANGES add lib/net.arc
extras add syntax handling for ret and mapeach to arc.el
help move mapeach to arc.arc from lib/util.arc
lib There was a couple of typos in zeros and ones that I just pushed.
load eliminated another pg todo: converting tables to and from lists.
static arc3.1.tar
ac.scm Fixed missing setuid bug on Windows.
app.arc arc3.1.tar
arc.arc Fixed (len nil), which was broken in the change to 'defgeneric. fix rlwrap word boundaries
as.scm Add support for running scripts via command-line arguments
blog.arc arc3.tar
brackets.scm make [foo] translate into (make-br-fn (foo)); add basic make-br-fn ma…
code.arc arc3.tar
copyright arc0
dispatch.arc Add palsecam's http.arc and dispatch.arc, which I find much more usab…
how-to-run-news arc3.1.tar
html.arc Added aform-multi to srv.arc which can be used to implement file
http.arc Eliminate readcs, which is unnecessary due to readchars and readbytes…
libs.arc Removed pprint.arc from libs.arc, and made minor changes to ppr.arc
news.arc added google search box for HSI
pprint.arc arc0
prompt.arc arc3.tar
srv.arc use ontofile instead of w/appendfile w/stdout combination
strings.arc add nonascii to strings.arc
table-rw.arc accredit table-rw to aw
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