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The SimpleSeer Automatic Inspection Appliance
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The SimpleSeer is a way to create inspections and take measurements,
it uses the SimpleCV framework and MongoDB to turn any PC into a vision appliance.

Examples of usage:

To start SimpleSeer in continuous mode:

    $ cd SimpleSeer
    $ python -mPyro4.naming &
    $ simpleseer broker & 
    $ simpleseer core &
    $ simpleseer web 

To start an iPython shell:

    $ simpleseer shell (terminal shell)
    $ simpleseer notebook (web-based notebook) 

To capture an image, display, and store in the database:

    >>> frames = SS.capture()
    >>> frames[0]
    >>> frames[0].save()

To retrieve and display all captured frames at a 1 second delay:

    >>> for f in Frame.objects:
    >>>   time.sleep(1)

Installation instructions:

You must have SimpleCV installed first!

You will also need to edit (or copy and edit) default.cfg for settings
that reflect your Camera, database, and etc.

Note: You can optionally install pyfirmata to interface with an arduino

TODO: update these to include a virtualenv

Ubuntu Linux 12.04
To run the installer:

	wget -O; unzip; mv ingenuitas-* SimpleSeer;
	cd SimpleSeer
	sh scripts/

or manually install with these commands from WITHIN the SimpleSeer directory:

	sudo apt-get install python-dev python-setuptools python-pip libzmq-dev mongodb nodejs npm build-essential python-gevent libevent-dev supervisor ipython-notebook libvpx-dev libvpx1 swig subversion
	sudo npm install -g brunch
	sudo pip install -r pip.requirements
	sudo easy_install coffeescript
	sudo python develop
	sudo mkdir /etc/simpleseer
	sudo cp `pwd`/etc/mongodb.conf /etc/
	sudo ln -s `pwd`/SimpleSeer/static/ /etc/simpleseer/static
	sudo ln -s `pwd`/etc/supervisor.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/supervisor.conf
	sudo ln -s `pwd`/etc/simpleseer.cfg /etc/simpleseer.cfg
	sudo ln -s `pwd`/etc/simpleseer-logging.cfg /etc/simpleseer-logging.cfg
	sudo killall supervisord
	sudo supervisord
	sudo supervisorctl start seer-dev:

*NOTE: Don't install python-pymongo from the repos as it is much too far out of date and requires 2+

Mac OS X (Using homebrew)

> brew install mongodb
> brew install zmq
> sudo easy_install pip
> sudo ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386 -arch x86_64" pip install -r pip.requirements 

(i had to check out gevent-socketio from bitbucket and comment out #setup_requires line to get it working on mac)
> hg clone
> cd gevent-socketio
> perl -pi -e "s/setup_requires/#setup_requires/"
> sudo python install

> (optional) hg clone && cd pyfirmata && python install

> curl | sh
> npm install -g brunch
> npm install -g brunch-less
> python develop
> sudo python
>>> from IPython.external.mathjax import install_mathjax
>>> install_mathjax()

Install Mongo 2.1
Since features are used from mongo 2.1 and not included in the repos, the following
explains how to manually install it.

	mkdir -p /tmp/mongo
	cd /tmp/mongo
	tar zxvf mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.1.1.tgz
	cd mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.1.1
	cd bin
	sudo cp * /usr/local/bin/
	sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/mongodb
	sudo mkdir -p /var/log/mongodb

Optional Libraries
This is a simplecv optional library that performs barcode reading.

	sudo easy_install zbar 
This is a simplecv optional library that performs optical character recogntion (OCR). 
Make sure to install the tesseract libraries and required python bindings


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