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Project 1 at @cmda-minor-web · 2017-2018
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project 1 Oba

The repository of the first project of the minor


The goal of the project was to create a web app with a SPARQL database. Allthough the main focus of the project was ADAMNET, I chose to work with WikiData, simply because there is a lot more data, and I wanted to do something with sportspersons from Amsterdam. ADAMNET lacked data about sportspersons.

The App

My idea was to give an overview of sportspersons and their accomplishments. A user should have been able to find a sportsperson based on the sport he or she practisised. Then you could search for a person. We had one week for this project, and the first two days I really struggled with SPARQL. Because of this, I didn't have enough time to finish my app. You can search for a sportsperson, but you can't see his or hers accomplishments.


Of course, something I would have wanted to accomplish, is an overview of the accomplishments of the sportspersons, since this was the main goal of my web app. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time, but this sure is something that I would like to add to the web app. Then, if I had more time, I would like to change the visualisation of the dataset. Now it is really gray and boring. It doesn't represent something about sports or accomplishments at all.

Opdracht 1.2 Browser Technologies


The web app does not have images, so this is no problem

Custom fonts

The web app uses a custom font and a fallback font. The custom font can detect if there is a slow network.

Disable Javascript

The web app depends on Javascript to load the content, so it won't work when you disable it. I could show a message to the user when Javascript is disabled, to enable it to use the web app.


The styling of the web app only has black, white and gray colours, so a person with colourblindness shouldn't have a problem with using the website.

High speed internet

At slow 3G, the app itself loads within 9 seconds, which is not that bad. The SPARQL query call loads within 18 seconds. I don't really can change the fact that the query call takes 18 seconds.


The website doesn't use cookies.

Local storage

The website doesn't use local storage, but it could be really usefull to store the results of the query call in the local storage. When the user has a slow network, the user doesn't need to wait several seconds.

Mouse / trackpad

The website is accessible with tabs

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