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Version history for the 1.x branch

For changelog for the 2.x branch, please see readme.txt


  • Bug fix; fixes problem with saving "Random from preset values" setting


  • Bux fix; removed jquery 1.7.x dependent functions


  • Bug fix; tag cloud showed up empty after update from 1.3.12


  • Added setting to hide the title of the widget
  • Custom post type support, replaces page tagging feature
  • Internal optimizations and improved code quality


  • Fixed bug which made the default "data" tab disappear when adding the widget to a sidebar
  • Added setting for link hover font color
  • Added option to save or load configuration


  • Proper namespacing of the CSS classes to prevent interference with other plugins


  • Fixed shortcode problem where the content would appear at the top of a post/page instead of where the shortcode was placed.
  • Fixed shortcode problem where you couldn't possibly enter some values as array types, now accepting a comma separated list for $tags_list, $color_set and $authors
  • Updated spelling error in the documentation which caused some confusion


  • Added shortcode [utcw]


  • Improved the tabbed settings when using multiple tag clouds
  • Improved the tabbed settings so that the same tab is reloaded after saving the settings
  • Updated screenshot
  • Bugfix; The help texts now also shows after saving the settings
  • Added a setting for separator, prefix and suffix


  • Added more detailed descriptions of all the settings
  • Added the tabs for the sections in the widget settings
  • Switched from deprecated function get_users_of_blog() to get_users() for WP 3.1+


  • Added a setting for row spacing
  • Added a setting for post age


  • Now also showing private posts when signed in.


  • Added support for page tagging (thanks again Andreas Bogavcic)
  • Added a setting for including debug information to help troubleshooting


  • Added new styling options upon requests from the forum
  • Testing out the new HTML5 input type "number" in the settings form


  • Fixed bug in the SQL query making the plugin also count posts that isn't published
  • Added a new option to set the minimum amount of posts a tag should have to be included


  • Added Swedish translation
  • Minor internationalization changes


  • As requested, support for calling a function to display the widget was added. Se other notes for information on how to use it.
  • Javascript changes in order to fix problems with the options page in WP 3.1 beta 1


  • Removed all the PHP short tags
  • Can now sort by name, slug, id or color (!) case sensitive or case insensitive
  • Exclude now takes either tag name or id


  • Fixed bug with options page
  • Improved link generation to create correct tag links


  • Initial release