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NetDevOps CICD SNMPv3 Demo
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This repo is based upon a simple NetDevOps demo to deploy SNMPv3 to a Spine and Leaf topology via Ansible. VIRL is also used to create a virtual test network to validate the changes.


Topology files for test and prod are located within the virl dir.

└── virl
    ├── prod.virl
    └── test.virl

To create fake production network, using the following:

virl up -e prod -f virl/prod.virl


Job XML's are located within the jenkins folder for:

  • Integration
  • Delivery
  • Deployment


  • SNMP configuration is defined within group_vars/all.yaml
  • Hosts for the prod and test networks defined within inventory folder files.
  • 2 playbooks included - deploy and test.
├── ansible
│   ├── ansible.cfg
│   ├── inventory
│   │   ├── prod
│   │   └── test
│   └── playbooks
│       ├── group_vars
│       │   └── all.yaml
│       ├── host_vars
│       ├── snmp-deploy.yaml
│       └── snmp-test.yaml


The Makefile contains all the various steps used within each of the pipelines.

  add-venv                  Install virtualenv, create virtualenv, install requirements
  configure-prod-network    Configure prod network
  configure-test-network    Configure test network
  distroy-test-network      Distroy test network in VIRL
  format                    Remove end of line spaces from yaml files
  install-deps              Install pip
  lint                      Perform linting against ansible yaml files
  remove-venv               Remove virtualenv
  run-tests-prod-network    Run tests against prod network
  run-tests-test-network    Rum tests against test network
  start-test-network        Start test network via VIRL
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