A growing set of tutorials on using the Cocos2D-XNA framework. So there's no confusion, this is a personal project not related to the Cocos2D-XNA framework.
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This solution contains several tutorials on using the Cocos2d-XNA framework. To eliminate any confusion, this is a personal project not related the Cocos2d-XNA framework itself. I'm writing these tutorials as a learning project for myself as I become familiar with the excellent Cocos2d-XNA framework, so I don't pretend to be an expert. :) There may be parts of the code that could better utilize the framework than what's being done; at this point, I'd chalk it up to ignorance over any particular way of doing things.

  • Basic Sprites (http://thecodewalk.net/?p=57)
    Basic Sprites is a simple project that explores some of the basic mechanics of sprites in Cocos2d-XNA.

  • Basic Actions (http://thecodewalk.net/?p=66)
    Basic Actions provides an introduction to using several of the basic actions in Cocos2d-XNA.

  • Collision Detection (http://thecodewalk.net/?p=87)
    Collision Detection uses a space shooter style game to demonstrate an implementation of pixel-perfect collision detection in Cocos2d-XNA.

  • Converter / ConverterContent
    XNA projects used to convert game content to XNB format. Any changes made to the content will need the XNB file(s) copied manually to the Content folder of the appropriate project in the solution.