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Fancy Bear Source Code
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Fancy Bear Source Code

This repo contains actual source code found during IR. The code provides a communication channel for the attacker and infected client. It uses Google's gmail servers to send and receive encoded messages.

Some artifacts are summorized below

  • Comments are in english, with a lot of grammar mistakes
  • Subject of an email is: 'piradi nomeri'. This means Personal Number in Georgian
  • It saves files with **detaluri_**timetsamp.dat. 'Detaluri' is also Georgian for "details".
  • In the email body it uses the word: "gamarjoba". Meaning 'Hello' in Georgian.

These are the Gmail account details used, I've verified they once worked (but not anymore!)

Command and Control server

  • XAS_IP = ''
  • XAS_GATE = '/updates/'

The code is completely left as found on the original server, including the log files.

ESET has the complete source code of XAgent, read their report here:

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