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1.3 - April 2012

  • Switched to using NSJSONSerialization by default for JSON parsing (see JSON notes).
  • Bubble up any authorization connection errors to the Pusher delegate (#30)
  • Ensure channel auth delegate methods are fired when authorization fails. (#30)
  • Ensure connections can always be re-opened after a failure. (#32)
  • Handle members added to a presence channel that have no user info. (#31)

1.2 - February 2012

  • Changed backend socket library to SocketRocket
  • PTPusherEvent objects have a timeReceived property.
  • Updated to the latest version of JSONKit.
  • Re-added armv6 archicture for iOS 4.0 - 4.2 support.
  • HTTP authorization for private/presence channels now accepts a HTTP 201 status as well as 200 (#23).
  • Fixed triggering of client events (would previously send the channel name as the event name).
  • Fixed retain cycle between PTPusher and PTPusherChannel.
  • OSX framework is now called Pusher.framework.
  • Project has been converted to use ARC (Automatic Reference Counting).
  • All event binding methods return a PTPusherEventBinding object, which can be used to remove bindings (see "Removing Bindings" below).
  • Channels should be removed from the cache when they are unsubscribed (#25).
  • Subscribing to multiple private channels would fail as only the first channel would send the authorization request (#26).
  • Wait for handshake and socket ID to be received before attempting to connect to channels as the socket ID is required for private/presence channel authorization.

1.1 - January 2012

  • Added SSL support
  • Fixed some runloop issues (#19, #16)
  • Ensure channels are marked as unsubscribed on disconnect (#11)
  • Ensure PTPusherEvent works with non-JSON data (#18)
  • Include library and protocol version in the request.
  • Updates for the latest versions of the Pusher protocol.
  • Fixed some low-level bugs in the ZTWebSocket library.
  • Handle Pusher ping/pong and error events.

1.0 - August 2011

  • Re-architected the core API to bring it in line with the Javascript API.
  • Support multiple channels over a single connection.
  • Added support for private and presence channels.
  • Added block-support for event callbacks.
  • Extracted the wrapper for the Pusher REST API into a standalone component.
  • Dropped support for iOS 3.0