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Openbenchmarks - Open Source Benchmark Collection


There are a number of tried and true benchmarks that run great on embedded
systems, break drivers, useful for both QA and Performance Studies. With
a little modification and upgrades, these can be brought to a common level
of build with Autotools. This offers some consistent porting between
architetures, and some consistent execution as a suite.

1) Incorporate into OpenEmbedded, OE-Core.
2) Standalone build suite for GCC based Compilers.
3) Some m4 and script extensions to allow other compilers to be used.

These are primarily suited for systems running Linux, Cygwin/Windows, and
Embedded Linux.

If these are popular, a suite of microcontroller benchmarks can be done, but
with much smaller kernels, and radically different toolchains.

Rick Foos at Solengtech dot Com.

Buildconf - git://
Buildconf -
Crosstool-ng -
Crosstool-ng - hg clone

iperf -
dhrystone -  
postmark - 
lmbench -
netperf -
httperf -
httperf -
iozone3 -
iozone3 -
iozone -
iozone3 -
iozone3 -
memtester -
tiobench - cvs
tiobench -
tiobench 0.4.1 - wget -O tiobench-tiobench.tar.gz
coremark -

- Create grandmaster -> master, gh-pages peers for doxygen site.
- Importing Buildconf (, Adding Doxyfile.
- Convert gh-pages and buildconf to submodules.
- Add benchmarks
- Porting Iperf: undefined reference to rpl_malloc
- Add coremark, fork to add autotools/toolchains.