Not currently working or actively developed: A jQuery plugin for creating elements that 'stick' to the top of the window when scrolling down the page
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#jQuery StickyScroll

Make elements stick to browser window as you scroll


Stickyscroll performs very badly in the current versions of Chrome and Firefox at the time of this writing, and I'm not sure I'm capable of fixing it without stripping it down to next to nothing. So, development is not very active right now. If you'd like to see an example of the problem stripped down to its most basic case, see the demo-basic.html file. Look at the source in that file and see if you have any ideas to make it work again. It looks to me like the window.onscroll function just doesn't fire enough to make this a viable option anymore.


  • $('selector').stickyScroll({ container: $(container-element) })

    This is "auto" mode. The sticky element will never cross the boundaries of the specified container.

  • $('selector').stickyScroll()

    This is also "auto" mode, but the container will be the body tag.

  • $('selector').stickyScroll({ topBoundary: '100px', bottomBoundary: '200px' })

    This is "manual" mode. The boundaries are relative to the top and bottom of the document, and the sticky element will never cross those boundaries. So, in the example given, the top of the sticky element(s) will never be above 100 pixels from the top of the document and the bottom of the sticky element(s) will never be below 200 pixels from the bottom of the document.

  • $('selector').stickyScroll('reset')

    Use this command to rid an element of any stickiness


  • Requires jQuery 1.4+ or include the offset.js file from newer jQuery source (
  • Disclaimer: Requires position: fixed support, so no IE6 No longer uses fixed positioning, only mimics it. Much better support now for mobile/tablet.
  • Possible enhancements to come:
    • Fluid/elastic layout support Now supports fluid layouts! (best in "auto" mode)
    • Support for callbacks when a boundary is reached