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Fixed issue where custom validation rules were not firing #21

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Code was checking for the method name to have a prefix of callback_ which the methods did not. Took out that check, seems to be working as expected now.


That is actually incorrect. This code checks to see if a rule has the prefix of callback_ which is required in the rule definition. A custom rule works in that you name it "callback_name_here" in the rules array and then register it like so:

validator.registerCallback('name_here', function() {
    return false;

This was designed to work the exact same as code igniter. If you think that this syntax is confusing, I am open to suggestions on a better option.


Ahh, I see. I must have missed the part in your documentation where it says you name the rule with a callback_ prefix.

But yeah, this is kind of confusing to me. Why not just have the name match the function that's actually being called?


I assume code igniter chose to do it this way to avoid any possible collisions with other system rules. I may change this so that callback_ is not required as I am not necessarily tied to the ci implementation.

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Commits on Mar 31, 2012
  1. @pusherman
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  1. +4 −8 validate.js
12 validate.js
@@ -219,19 +219,15 @@
* If the hook is defined, run it to find any validation errors
if (typeof this._hooks[method] === 'function') {
if (!this._hooks[method].apply(this, [field, param])) {
failed = true;
- } else if (method.substring(0, 9) === 'callback_') {
- // Custom method. Execute the handler if it was registered
- method = method.substring(9, method.length);
- if (typeof this.handlers[method] === 'function') {
- if (this.handlers[method].apply(this, [field.value]) === false) {
- failed = true;
- }
+ // Custom method. Execute the handler if it was registered
+ } else if (typeof this.handlers[method] === 'function') {
+ if (this.handlers[method].apply(this, [field.value]) === false) {
+ failed = true;
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