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About Me

My name is Rick, and I make things. I enjoy making apps, websites, companies, beer, wine, music, adventures happen, and my wife happy.

I am co-founder and CTO at Nile, where our digital solutions aim to solve issues inherent to food trading including price discovery, quality verification, payments and traceability. Our current focus is on the Nile Marketplace, a B2B e-commerce platform that enables direct trades between producers and entities that sell to consumers.

I have spent all of my career as either a founder or an early employee at various startups, helping companies make products their customers love. Immediately preceding my time at Nile I helped take Luno from series A funding to millions of customers and an eventual acquisition by DCG.

Throughout the years I have tinkered primarily in JavaScript, Swift & Go, but have also dabbled in Ruby, Python, Kotlin, Java, & C.

Website README

You can find the README for my personal website (found in this repository) here.