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Welcome to Grid's documentation. Here you can find:

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Word of caution

Grid is currently in Alpha. This means that you should expect bugs, crashes and no security guarantees.


Grid is a cloud based data science tool that combines a spreadsheet view with a Python scripting environment. It lets you explore, manipulate and analyze your data directly in the browser.

The essential idea is combining the power of Python scripting and spreadsheet functions. In Grid, it is possible to define your own spreadsheet functions like =MYCUSTOMFUNC(A1).

Furthermore, in Python you can easily read from and write to the different sheets in your workspace. Simply write:

df = sheet("A1:D10") to get a Pandas dataframe of the data currently in your sheet.

Similarly you can easily write back the dataframe like so:

sheet("A", df)

If you first manipulate your dataframe a little, it will add this new data to the sheet. For example:

df['new_column'] = df[0] + df[1]

Will add a new column and will appear in the E1:E10 position in your sheet.

Combining Python and spreadsheets requires some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you can do powerful things such as directly quering an SQL database and using the results in your interactive spreadsheet:

sheet("A", pd.read_sql('SELECT * FROM orders', connection))