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Morses Secret Technology

Morses Secret Technology, the Exquisite Corpse of Open Hardware.


There is a form of story telling called The Exquisite Corps it has traditionally been performed as drawing a part of picutre, and folding it so the only a few lines of the image remain so they can be extended by the next person. No one can really see the whole, but everyone can add a part. This also has been adapted to a story telling technique of writing several sentences, and then folding the paper, and hand it to the next person to continue the story.

Open Hardware is in many ways like the Exquisite Corpse technique of story telling. So in the case of Morses Secrete Technology the idea is that this is all Open Hardware, and Open Software. There is a Steampunk style theme, but everyone is allowed to fork the project, and use the technology to tell their own tales.

I love paradoxes, and irony so I'm looking forward to see what stories we tell using Morse's Secret Technology.

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Morses Secret Technology, the Exquisite Corpse of Open Hardware



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