Use an Arduino with with USB HID support to control a project in Git
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USB Arduino based Developer Device

The project provides a device that allows for a user configurable Git or github repository to be interacted with via a series buttons, switches, and many other I/O electronics. This is very similar to the alias process in Unix.

You'll be able to press buttons:

  1. Clone repository
  2. Goto Project
  3. Get Changes
  4. Find New
  5. Merge New
  6. Show Branches
  7. Diff
  8. Commit
  9. Push

In the future yes/no, and enter buttons could be added. Lot's of fun options.

In this example we'll use buttons. In the Arduino sketch please specify the Git repository you want. Also, the absolute path to your project directory.


You need Git

Arduino 1.0 with Leonardo support enabled.

An ATMega32u4 breakout board, Teensy, or Arduino Leonardo with the Leonardo bootloader on it.