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Bootstrap3 for GetSimple CMS by Rick Parrish of R&M Software

This theme is an implementation of the Twitter Bootstrap framework for GetSimple CMS.
It also comes with a plugin that allows you to apply a small amount of customization
to the theme.  Namely:

 - Select from one of 18 free Bootswatch themes
 - Select standard or inverted navigation bar colour (different for each theme)
 - Optionally allow users to select own theme via 'Other Themes' nav menu drop down
 - Supply an email address to be used on the Contact template
 - Supply a Google Analytics tracking ID to embed on each page

This theme/plugin incorporates the following open source projects:

  - bootstrap.js v3.2.0
    - Apache 2.0
  - bootswatch themes for bootstrap
    - Apache 2.0
  - HTML5 Shiv v3.6.2pre
    - MIT/GPLv2

  - jQuery v1.10.2
    - MIT
  - jQuery Cookie plugin
    - MIT/GPL (presumably v2)
  - Respond.js v1.1.0
    - MIT/GPLv2

It also used the following GetSimple themes/plugin as a base/reference:

  - Innovation Theme Settings 1.2 (plugin)
    - No license mentioned

  - Twitter-Bootstrap GS (theme)
    - No license mentioned


Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0 theme/plugin for GetSimple CMS



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