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GitHub Pages Site Using Visual Studio

This site is set up as a Visual Studio solution; posts are created, edited, previewed and pushed from with Visual Studio.

This is my personal GitHub Pages site, but you can fork it and use it as a starting point if this environment sounds appealing to you.

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  • Open the site.sln in Visual Studio
  • Select the _posts folder of the site project in the Solution Explorer.
  • Create a new post using Ctrl+Shift+A, select Text File, and name it (careful of byte order marks!)
  • Use the Show preview window button to show the Markdown Preview tool window (dock it with Solution Explorer)
  • Write your post in Markdown!
  • Press Ctrl+F5 to start Jekyll (via bundle) serving your site
  • Ctrl+Click this link to open your local site a Visual Studio editor window or
  • open the site.html file in the editor and press Ctrl+Shift+W to open the local site in your default browser
  • Continue with "edit, preview" cycle until you are happy with the results
  • Go to Team Explorer -> Changes or Pending Changelist and commit your changes
  • Go to Team Explorer -> Unsynced Commits or Git Bash and push to GitHub


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