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Example Azure Functions project that implements different types of Bindings.
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Repo containing an example Azure Functions project that implements different types of input and output Bindings. There are a few examples:


This example shows you how to copy the triggering Blob into another container by coding it out completely. The steps implemented:

  • Connect to a Storage Account
  • Create a BlobClient
  • Get a reference to a container (and create it if it doesn't exist)
  • Get a reference to a blob
  • Upload the file


This example shows you the power of an output binding: only one line of code to copy the blob!


In this Function, we add a message to a queue for each word in the triggering Blob. The only line of code we need for that is calling the Add() method on the ICollector<T>.


Dynamic output binding by using the Binder class.


The HttpTrigger isn't bound to a generic HttpRequest, but is TYPED to a RequestModel. The platform takes care of the deserialization of the message body for you.
The return binding above the Function does a couple of things for you:

  • It creates a Blob in the 'copied' container with a random GUID as the filename
  • It automatically writes the output of the Function call into that Blob

Accompanying blog posts:

Here are some blog posts giving more context and explaining the examples a bit more:

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