Arduino project for play high quality(44100hz) WAV files for Retro Computers
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DigiWavuino Instructions.pdf


Arduino project for playing high quality(44100hz) WAV files for Retro Computers

DigiWavuino is an Arduino wav player designed for playing back Retro Computers games and app files that come in wav file format. It differs from other similar projects like ArduiTape or CASDuino in that it was developed with Arduino boards that have a DAC port like Arduino DUE or Arduino Zero. This is a must for those Retro Computers that are sensitive about audio quality. The previous projects played audio through a PWM port instead of a DAC. Retro Computers like the Sharp MZ700 will not load games that have been played through a PWM port.. So enter DigiWavuino.

There are two versions of DigiWavuino. One for Arduino DUE and one for the Nano-ARM device which is an Arduino Zero compatible device. So we developed 2 versions of the code to suit each device.

See the DUE version in action here >

See the Nano-ARM version in acrtion here >

I got all parts from

Here is the parts list for the DUE version: this one doesn't have the IC2 jacket but best get one with

Here is the parts list for the Nano-ARM version: