Version 0.3

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Version 0.3 for the couchbase-manager. The branch for this version is located here. Download and installation instructions are detailed in the following page. The couchbase-manager-0.3.0.jar library can also be download from this site but remember it is absolutely useless without glassfish and all the rest of dependencies.

More information about the manager and its development can be found in this blog.

New Features

The main new features of the manager are the following:

  • Glassfish v4 (4.0) is now supported and the manager can be used inside it. There are two profiles now in the pom file, default one is still V3 (see compiling from github page for more information).

  • Finally the bug about deletion of a locked object is fixed in couchbase 2.2.0 (see this bug).

  • Minor fixes with persistTo and replicateTo and with error handling.

  • Since this version all the sessions are saved in couchbase at the end of the request. Previously if the session was not used the session was only touched (but not saved). There are several reasons for this change but two are the main ones: when an attribute is got from the session, it can be modified and then not put again (so it is not known if it has been modified or not); in couchbase 2.2.0 it is impossible to perform a touch of a locked object (you know, deletion was fixed but now touch method works in the same way). So finally saving the session in all the cases was decided (cas in non-sticky, set in sticky). Because of the first reason it is not a big performance penalty (it was working like this in almost all cases). Besides the property maxTimeNotSaving has disappeared because now it was meaningless.

  • Update to newer versions: GlassFish Server Open Source Edition or 4.0, Couchbase community edition 2.2.0, spymemcached-2.10.1 and couchbase-client-1.2.1 (it needs commons-codec-1.6, netty-3.5.5.Final, httpcore-4.1.1, httpcore-nio-4.1.1).

Current Status

This version is quite stable and only the LDAP realm problem still remains. All the rest of problems are fixed or hacked. Because of the bug SPY-129 non-sticky configuration only works with couchbase version 2.2.0 or newer.

Known Issues

Some informational links

How to install it?
Sticky vs Non-Sticky
[External atttibutes] (wiki/External-Attributes)
[JavaEE session listeners] (wiki/JavaEE-Session-Listeners)
[Compiling from github] (wiki/Compiling-from-github)



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