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.gitignore PHP API

A PHP wrapper for the Restaurant, User, and Order APIs provided by



$dt = new dT();

$api = new Ordrin('sLclVFC54BGXcjGku8bTaA', '');

$m = new Money(100.23);
$a = new Address('123 main st','cedar rapids','52404','Suite 200', 'ia','1234567890','test');

$subT = new Money(100);
$tip = new Money(15);

$r = new Restaurant();
$r->deliveryList($dt, $a);
$r->deliveryCheck("142", $dt, $a);

$r->deliveryFee("142", $subT, $tip, $dt, $a);

$api->_url = 'http://localhost'; // Test User API
$u = new User();
$u->makeAcct('', 'pass', 'John','Doe');
$api->setCurrAcct('', 'pass');


$u->updateCard('personal', 'John Doe', '4111111111111111','444','02','12',$a);




$api->_url = 'http://localhost'; // Test Order API

$o = new Order();
$tray = '';
$o->submit('142', $tray, $tip, $dt, '', 'John','Doe',$a, 'John Doe', '4111111111111111', '444', '0212', $a);


API docs available at

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