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mpn gen (by 1upHealth)

MPN GEN is a response to the USA Challenge.gov Healthcare Privacy Policy Snapshot Challenge. Visit it here https://1up.health/products/model-privacy-notice

This is a stand-alone script which starts a Node.js application that can be used to generate and customize a Model Privacy Notice for health care developers.

Run the app

note: you may need to use sudo for these commands


npm install
npm run dev


npm install
npm run build
npm start

Test out the app

Open up a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:3030 to test the app

Browser Support

MPN GEN works on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge, and Safari as of 7/29/2017.

Supporting materials

Slide Deck



[x] Floats at top
[x] Automatically shows what's been completed


[x] Validates phone numbers
[x] Validates email
[x] Validates urls
[x] Uses correct form types for easy mobile entry (e.g. tel, number, email, text)
[x] Autocomplete country selector
[x] Header changes to green when valid data
[x] Do not share automatically removes share options
[x] Highlight incomplete questions


[x] Display responses as JSON
[x] Styles in header of MPN are easy to change
[x] Export as JSON


[x] Conditional questions appear only when needed
[x] Other entry
[x] Question Schema controls all questions to be asked
[x] Tooltips in CSS for footnotes, so no external JS dependencies needed

User Feedback Fixes

[x] improve style, reduce contrast of resulting mpn headers

  • tone down black background on headings

[x] intro messaging

  • make it "lets build your privacy notice"
  • explain UX, form validation
  • rephrase "to get started, jump right into the form"
  • remove left hand right hand, just say left / right
  • change style of tooltips, too similar to a link
  • add back original links for preamble

[x] improve the look of the landing experience

[x] fix top header of mpn sections

  • rename company to contact
  • rename data to data use
  • explain the top company, data, security, user are sections that will be filled in automatically
  • the mpn generator will guide you through completing these sections

[x] visually separate generator from the background info.

[x] improve mpn preview

  • flip the paper style onto the preview section.
  • use formal document text for the MPN

[x] multiple privacy policies

  • explain the pre requisite links before beginning
  • explain the difference between the full privacy policy and privacy notice

[x] link http issue

  • https / http should not be required
  • "link to your online contact or comment form"
  • fix typo on what is link to full hippo policy

[x] contact section

  • add the header to the first contact section
  • move contact info to the bottom
  • suggest name & address at top, phone, email, then contact / policy

[x] fix the we do not share your data to remove all other checks

  • if data not stored on device, automatically select not applicable

[x] Does this technology or app allow you to share the collected data with your social media accounts, like Facebook?

  • clarify settings are for social settings, only request external url

[x] improve export section

  • required messaging: clarify that you have to fill out everything that
  • create some method to save work
  • separate the export options
  • rename export options - to export as..