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Laptop Mode Tools - 1.71

@rickysarraf rickysarraf released this Jan 12, 2017 · 10 commits to lmt-upstream since this release

Full release announcement:

1.71 - Thu Jan 12 13:30:50 IST 2017
    * Fix incorrect import of os.putenv
    * Merge pull request #74 from Coucouf/fix-os-putenv
    * Fix documentation on where we read battery capacity from
    * cpuhotplug: allow disabling specific cpus
    * Merge pull request #78 from aartamonau/cpuhotplug
    * runtime-pm: refactor listed_by_id()
    * wireless-power: Use iw and fallback to iwconfig if it not available
    * Prefer available AC supply information over battery state to determine ON_AC
    * On startup, we want to force the full execution of LMT.
    * Device hotplugs need a forced execution for LMT to apply the proper settings
    * runtime-pm: Refactor list_by_type()
    * kbd-backlight: New module to control keyboard backlight brightness
    * Include Transmit power saving in wireless cards
    * Don't run in a subshell
    * Try harder to check battery charge
    * New module: vgaswitcheroo
    * Revive bluetooth module. Use rfkill primarily. Also don't unload (incomplete list of) kernel modules


Laptop Mode Tools - 1.70

@rickysarraf rickysarraf released this Sep 24, 2016 · 41 commits to lmt-upstream since this release

1.70 - Sat Sep 24 16:51:02 IST 2016

* Deal harder with broken battery states
* On machines with 2+ batteries, determine states from all batteries
* Limit status message logging frequency. Some machines tend to send
  ACPI events too often. Thanks Maciej S. Szmigiero
* Try harder to determine power states. As reports have shown, the
  power_supply subsystem has had incorrect state reporting on many machines,
  for both, BAT and AC.
* Relax conditional events where Laptop Mode Tools should be executed. This
  affected for use cases of Laptop being docked and undocked
  Thanks Daniel Koch.
* CPU Hotplug settings extended
* Cleanup states for improved Laptop Mode Tools invocation
  Thanks: Tomas Janousek
* Align Intel P State default to what the actual driver (intel_pstate.c) uses
  Thanks: George Caswell and Matthew Gabeler-Lee
* Add support for AHCI Runtime PM in module intel-sata-powermgmt
* Many systemd and initscript fixes
* Relax default USB device list. This avoids the long standing issues with
  USB devices (mice, keyboard) that mis-behaved during autosuspend