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3D visualization of pedestrian simulation trajectories
C# GLSL Java
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3D visualization of trajectories and geometries of crowd simulation software (Optimized for JuPedSim and 3D Geometries)

alt text

alt text


The software is licensed under the MIT License:

The MIT License is a permissive license that is short and to the point. It lets people do anything they want with your code as long as they provide attribution back to you and don’t hold you liable.


New in this Version (JPS)

  1. Import geometry file in JuPedSim format
  2. Import trajectory file in JuPedSim format
  3. Added file explorer in order to choose new files
  4. 3D geometries (different floors, stairs, etc)
  5. Redesign of Textures and Materials
  6. 3D trajectoriy Lines can now be displayed


  • Change trajectory line color based on walking speed
  • Create a standalone version (create new File-explorer, current version only works through Utility Library in Unity)
  • Fix "Fundamental Diagram" (Materials are outdated)
  • Display pedestrian information as text next to each pedestrian (e.g. ID, height, etc)
  • Export the results of the fundamental diagram

Required attribution

additions by Fabian Plum (2017) Copyright (c) 2014 Daniel Büchele


The license above does not apply to and no license is granted for any Military Use.

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