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This repo contains a fork of reason-react-example with code snippets of hooks as well as my slides from the OCaml NYC Meetup in Feb. Feel free to play around and let me know if you run into any issues! The React and ppx PRs will be made soon to make it easier to try in your own projects!

Code changes: src/hooks src/hooks-animation/

This is a repo with examples usages of ReasonReact, whose docs are here. Have something you don't understand? Join us on Discord!

git clone
cd reason-react-example
npm install
npm run build
npm run webpack

Then open src/index.html to see the links to the examples (no server needed!).

Watch File Changes

The above commands works for a one-time build. To continuously build when a file changes, do:

npm start

Then in another tab, do:

npm run webpack

You can then modify whichever file in src and refresh the html page to see the changes.

Build for Production

npm run build
npm run webpack:production

This will replace the development JS artifact for an optimized version.

To enable dead code elimination, change bsconfig.json's package-specs module from "commonjs" to "es6". Then re-run the above 2 commands. This will allow Webpack to remove unused code.