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A django app with templatetags for resizing images with thumbor
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A django application to resize images using the thumbor service.


Both thumbor_url templatetag and the generate_url helper uses the same arguments as libthumbor, you can check the wiki for more info.

On templates:

{% load thumbor_tags %}
<img src="{% thumbor_url '/media/image.jpg' width=300 %}" width="300" />

Split filters with : (or use a list object):

{% load thumbor_tags %}
<img src="{% thumbor_url url filters='watermark(,-10,-10,20):brightness(10)' %}" />
<img src="{% thumbor_url url filters=filter_list %}" />

On code:

from django_thumbor import generate_url
resized = generate_url("/media/image.jpg", width=300)

There is an extra parameter to specify a custom server to be used instead of settings.THUMBOR_SERVER.

On templates:

{% load thumbor_tags %}
<img src="{% thumbor_url '/media/image.jpg' thumbor_server='http://localhost:8888/foo' width=300 %}" width="300" />

On code:

from django_thumbor import generate_url
custom_server = "http://localhost:8888/foo"
resized = generate_url(
    "/media/image.jpg", thumbor_server=custom_server, width=300)


pip install django-thumbor


Add the app to the INSTALLED_APPS:

    # ...

Here are the default settings that you can override:

# The host serving the thumbor resized images
THUMBOR_SERVER = 'http://localhost:8888'

# The prefix for the host serving the original images
# This must be a resolvable address to allow thumbor to reach the images
THUMBOR_MEDIA_URL = 'http://localhost:8000/media'

# The same security key used in the thumbor service to
# match the URL construction

# Default arguments passed to the `generate_url` helper or
# the `thumbor_url` templatetag



Fork, clone, create a virtualenv and run:

git clone git://
mkvirtualenv django-thumbor
make install


Add tests on testproject/tests, add code and run:

make test


@ricobl @avelino @Starou

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