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jQuery v7r form validation plugin

Version: 0.1.0

A jQuery plugin for simple form validation.

As validator is a rather long name, it was shortened to v7r, which means v + 7 characters + r, just like I18N for internationalization and or L10N for localization.

Sample Usage

    var $form = $(this);
    var errors = $form.hasErrors(
            {name: 'username', rule: 'minLength', params: [5]},
            {name: 'email', rule: 'isEmail'},
            {name: 'age', rule: 'isNumber'},
            {name: 'password', rule: 'equals', params: ['confirmation']}
            error: function (errors) {
                $.each(errors, function(){
                    $(elem.name, this).addClass('error');
            clear: function () {
                $('.error', this).removeClass('error');
    if (errors) {
        return false;

The hasErrors jQuery method is installed by the plugin and takes two parameters: the list of rules to validate the serialized list of values and a dictionary of options.

Validation Rules

Each validation rule is a callback that takes at least two parameters: the value to be tested and the full serialized list of values.

A rule may have extra parameters that will be appended in the function call.

Available validation rules:

  • required: must be selected or have a value;
  • minLength: must have a minimal lenght;
  • isEmail: must have a valid email;
  • equals: must be equal to other field;
  • requiredWith: is required if other field has a value;
  • isNumber: must be a number;

Registering new rules:

 $.v7r.rules.isLower = function (v) {
     return (v == v.toLowerCase());
 $.extend($.v7r.rules, {
     isUpper: function (v) {
         return (v == v.toUpperCase());


  • error: called once after all rules were tested;
    • takes the list of failed rules;
    • takes the jQuery context as this;
  • clear: called before rules are tested, to cleanup the form;
    • takes the jQuery context as this;