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JavaScript 6 3


mountable app to track exceptions built on sinatra

Updated May 19, 2013

Ruby 9 0


our capistrano recipes. forked from

Updated May 19, 2013


forked from patcito/shapado

Free and open source Q&A software, open source stackoverflow style app written in ruby, rails, mongomapper and mongodb.

Updated Jul 15, 2012


forked from jubos/fake-s3

A lightweight server clone of Amazon S3 that simulates most of the commands supported by S3 with minimal dependencies

Updated Apr 22, 2012

Ruby 2 0


git based CI server

Updated Feb 26, 2012


forked from davidfstr/rdiscount

Discount (For Ruby) Implementation of John Gruber's Markdown

Updated Oct 6, 2011


forked from schacon/grack

GIt Smart HTTP Server Rack Implementation

Updated Dec 29, 2010

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