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Ricoh Image Processing REST API

Ricoh Image Processing service is a cloud-based image processing service provided by Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Developers can access Ricoh Image Processing service features listed below, via its APIs.

  • Apply image filtering to uploaded media data in the cloud storage


You need

  • Ricoh API Client Credentials (client_id & client_secret)
  • Ricoh ID (user_id & password)

If you don't have them, please register yourself and your client from THETA Developers Website.

Access Token

Before a client can call an Image Processing API, the client needs to obtain an access token.
Please refer to the following document.

An obtained access token should be set in the Authorization header of every API request.

curl --request POST '' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer <access token>' \
    --data '{ "version": "2016-06-29", "source": { "mss_id": "a39jcbc5-053c-4873-a7c0-0b20c3948472" }, "filter": [{"command": "resize", "parameters": "width": 256, "height": 128}}, {"command": "grayscale" }, { "command": "equalize" } ]}'


API Console

You can play with the Ricoh Image Processing REST API using its API Console.