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monolish: MONOlithic LInear equation Solvers for Highly-parallel architecture

monolish is a linear equation solver library that monolithically fuses variable data type, matrix structures, matrix data format, vendor specific data transfer APIs, and vendor specific numerical algebra libraries.

monolish let developer forget about:

  • Performance tuning
  • Processor differences which execute library (Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU, AMD CPU, ARM CPU, NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA, etc.)
  • Vendor specific data transfer APIs (host RAM to Device RAM)
  • Finding bottlenecks and performance benchmarks
  • The argument data type of matrix/vector operations
  • Matrix structures and storage formats
  • Cumbersome package dependency


monolish version Release Note Document
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0.17.2 badge badge
0.17.1 badge badge
0.17.0 badge badge
0.16.3 badge badge
0.16.2 badge badge
0.16.1 badge badge
0.16.0 badge badge
0.15.3 badge badge
0.15.2 badge badge
0.15.1 badge badge
0.15.0 badge badge
0.14.2 badge badge
0.14.1 badge badge
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