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a web-based, church data management system

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Revolution! is a church data management system for Ruby On Rails v4.0.

This app is in active development while in use in a real-world setting everyday. Check back often for updates.


  • Track people information and household information

  • Track attendance

  • Security checkin system. Uses touch screen interface. Prints child sticker, teacher copy & secure parent receipt. Uses Dymo label printers

  • Checkin via text message for any enabled event

  • Keep in touch with people with contacts (think people-related ToDo's for system users)

  • Record contributions

  • Communicate with people via email and/or text messaging (uses Twilio for SMS)

  • Groups management for small groups and any other type of group

  • Responsive layout for small screens; iPad, mobile phone, etc.


There will be pain.

You'll need a system running Rails v.4.

Create your database and configure database.example.yml to connect to it (remove 'example').

Run the bundle command to install the necessary gems.

Run rake db:setup to create the db schema and load initial data including an initial user and login information. Follow the on-screen instructions to login.

See config/application.example.yml for more info about configuring Twilio & AWS for image storage (remove 'example').

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