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REM run.bat : code_swarm launching script
REM need the config file as first parameter
REM TODO : take care of multiple parameters
SET params="%1"
set default_config="data/sample.config"
REM basic command line parameters check
IF %params%=="" (
REM asking user for a config file
ECHO Specify a config file, or type
SET /p params="ENTER for default one [%default_config%] : "
IF %params%=="" (
SET params=%default_config%
REM help requested ?
IF "%1"=="/?" goto help
IF "%1"=="/H" goto help
IF "%1"=="-h" goto help
IF "%1"=="--help" goto help
goto binaryCheck
REM if help needed, print it and exit
echo usage: run configfile
echo data/sample.config is the default config file"
REM checking for code_swarm java binaries
IF NOT EXIST dist\code_swarm.jar (
echo no code_swarm binaries !
echo needing to build it with 'ant' and 'javac' java-sdk
echo auto-trying the ant command...
call ant
REM running
REM echo %params%
echo code_swarm project !
java -Xmx1000m -classpath dist/code_swarm.jar;lib/core.jar;lib/xml.jar;lib/vecmath.jar;. code_swarm %params%