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The README is here: README

An example code_swarm workflow to save as a video: gist

Known issues:

  • Most of the issues in the main code_swarm repository are here, though a few have been fixed: original repository issue tracker
  • Add support for more kinds of repository in convert_logs/code_swarm – should be pretty easy, as many are supported by convert_logs.py
  • Eliminate the jitteryness that names experience when they collide (most notable in PhysicsEngineOrderly) – it looks like xaviershay has this fixed, once he finishes a bit of refactoring, it’ll be in this fork as well
  • Make code_swarm more command line friendly by allowing for config options to be passed in as command line args, and the repository xml to be input through stdin
  • Make convert_logs/code_swarm work with opengl on Linux automatically
  • Try to use OpenGL by default, falling back to software rendering if it isn’t available. It should be easy, but after some trouble I’ve put a question up on stackoverflow about this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/172869/how-to-determine-if-a-jni-jogl-is-available-at-runtime


  • When visualizing an svn repository, you might see a number of commits by a “(no author)” person. That’s actually how svn records commits in some situations, according to the svn faq

A Workaround
OSX 10.8 without a symlinked code_swarm had a problem installing due to this commit; reverting it allows the code to work again: