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If you're reading this, I'll bet you can guess what these files are.


  • 256color optimized
  • auto-loads local mods (needs work)
  • su'ing to root maintains history and $HOME etc.
  • screen windows are automatically named the short-hostname
  • Looks for existing screen sessions on login and allows you to attach to any of them
  • tab-complete-able RC control aliases (start, stop, etc) with Lin/Sol/HP-UX support


  • prompt relies on a lot of Linux stuff, Mac OS users may have work to make it perfect
  • prompt gracefully degrades on non-Linux (well it used to... untested)
  • prompt Powerline-ized (use a Powerline-modified font)
  • prompt tells you what screen window you're in if you are
  • prompt tells you if you're in tmux (window info not available)
  • prompt tells you if you're in a writable directory
  • prompt indicates if ssh-agent is available to this shell
  • prompt color inicators for root user
  • git stuff in prompt only happens when you're in a "registered" git repo Prompt Screenshot

To Do