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Download and install for the impatient.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. You have to start over. If you’re currently collecting stats, you’re probably using SNMP. YaketyStats has very limited SNMP support. Also, since Jart is tightly coupled with YaketyStats, it can’t use your old RRD files. If you’re not currently collecting stats, there is no bad news!

The good news is that YaketyStats is incredibly simple to maintain across large installations. And it includes an intuitive, AJAX-powered web interface for graphing data. Graphs are built on the fly, can contain stats from multiple systems and include “Google Maps”-like dragging. Check out the demo video: download the file in Ogg Theora format.

Client and server install are simply package installs on your clients and the server. If you’re using our packages, you’ll need to tell the client the URL to your server. We’ve also made it super-easy to build your own packages (with all info pre-populated) on all of the platforms we currently support (Linux, Solaris and HP-UX).

UI install is plopping some PHP into place and editing a conf file. What could be easier?


  • Perl 5.6+
  • PHP 5.1+
  • RRDTool 1.3+
  • Firefox 2/3+ (Some support for other browsers)

YaketyStats can gather stats on almost anything (check out Features), but out of the box it comes with:

  1. Load Average (1-, 5-, and 15-minute)
  2. CPU (idle,sys,user,iowat)
  3. Network interface usage (rx,tx,speed,errors)
  4. Filesystem (size,used,inodes)
  5. Disk I/O (per disk)
  6. Memory/Swap (free,total,swap in/out)

If you’re new, you may want to read Collector and Stuffer overview next.