Fakturoid API v2 C#/.NET client (unofficial)
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Michal Altair Valášek
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Fakturoid API C#/.NET client

This projects aims to create C#/.NET client for API of Czech online accounting service Fakturoid.

Please note that some more obscure functions are not (yet) supported - like API access to generators, reports etc. I'll implement them once I would need them, or you can do it in your fork (I accept pull request). The infrastructure is all here.

The library is developed in C#, Microsoft .NET version 4.6.1 and uses Microsoft ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries (NuGet: Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client).

Since version 2.5, the library exposes fully asynchronnous Task-based API for use with async and await.

How to use in your project

Install current version of library as a NuGet package Altairis.Fakturoid.Client from the NuGet Gallery:

install-package Altairis.Fakturoid.Client

Upgrade from version 1.x

Current version supports Fakturoid API v2.

The only breaking change from v1 is that constructor of FakturoidContext class now requires the email argument as well and that its AuthenticationName arg and property was renamed to AccountName to avoid confusion.


  • Look into the Altairis.Fakturoid.Client.DemoApp project for usage.
  • All public members have XML documentation that will show up in IntelliSense.
  • The Documentation.chm file build from the XML documentation is available for download.

This project is developed and maintained by Michal A. Valášek, (of ASPNET.CZ fame) and the Altairis corporation. This project has no official relation to the Fakturoid service or its owner.

Contributor Code of Conduct

This project adheres to No Code of Conduct. We are all adults. We accept anyone's contributions. Nothing else matters.

For more information please visit the No Code of Conduct homepage.