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import re
from operator import attrgetter
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
from django.utils.encoding import force_text
from .models import Page
class FiberPageMixin(object):
Adds fiber_page and fiber_current_pages to the context
# This attribute must be set in the subclass
fiber_page_url = None
# These attributes may be overridden in a subclass
fiber_page = None
fiber_current_pages = None
def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
super_obj = super(FiberPageMixin, self)
if hasattr(super_obj, 'get_context_data'):
context = super_obj.get_context_data(**kwargs)
context = {}
if self.get_fiber_page():
'fiber_page': self.get_fiber_page(),
'fiber_current_pages': self.get_fiber_current_pages()
return context
def get_fiber_page_url(self):
if not self.fiber_page_url:
raise ImproperlyConfigured(
'{mod}.{cls} is missing a fiber_page_url. Define {cls}.fiber_page_url,'
' or override {cls}.get_fiber_page_url().'.format(mod=self.__module__, cls=self.__class__.__name__))
return self.fiber_page_url
def get_fiber_page(self):
if self.fiber_page is None:
self.fiber_page = Page.objects.get_by_url(self.get_fiber_page_url())
return self.fiber_page
def get_fiber_current_pages(self):
Find pages that should be marked as current in menus.
if not self.fiber_current_pages: # None or empty list
current_pages = set()
current_page = self.get_fiber_page()
if current_page:
# Mark the current page and its ancestors as current
current_pages = set([current_page] + list(current_page.get_ancestors()))
# Find all pages that are not already current_pages and have mark_current_regexes configured
candidates = Page.objects.exclude(pk__in=map(attrgetter('pk'), current_pages)).exclude(mark_current_regexes__exact='')
url = force_text(self.get_fiber_page_url())
for candidate in candidates:
# Check if one of the mark_current_regexes matches the requested URL.
for mark_current_regex in candidate.mark_current_regexes.strip().splitlines():
if re.match(mark_current_regex.strip(), url):
# Mark this page and its ancestors as current
current_pages.update([candidate] + list(candidate.get_ancestors()))
# Order current_pages for use with tree_info template tag, remove the root page in the process.
self.fiber_current_pages = sorted(current_pages, key=attrgetter('lft'))[1:]
return self.fiber_current_pages
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