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Fix erroneous test by re-instantiating the view as Django would do up…

…on a new request.
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1 parent 1ba6c1f commit ed06cad2a37dcbd46d3612bdfb87901776733b6e @markotibold markotibold committed
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  1. +1 −1  fiber/
2  fiber/
@@ -608,11 +608,11 @@ def get_fiber_page_url(self): # FiberPageMixin requires this method
return self.url
view = TestView()
view.url = 'aa'
# There should be no root node, but we do want a page; aa
self.assertEqual([self.aa], view.get_fiber_current_pages())
+ view = TestView()
view.url = 'aaa'
# again no root node but we do want to pages; aa -> aaa
self.assertEqual([self.aa,], view.get_fiber_current_pages())

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