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A Feature + WordPress Twitter Plugin

This plugin has been tested on WordPress 3.1 and above, including 4.2.2, and requires PHP 5.3 with the Curl Extension installed. If your server is incompatible it will display a message on activation. You will also need to create a app with with Twitter API to retrieve your keys. Follow the tutorial on my blog if you are encountering any issues.


WOW-Twitter includes a widget, a optional shortcode to add to your posts, pages or anywhere in your theme, an optional badge with a follow me button which you can display on your single pages, a backup feature, debugging feature and an administration area.

Simply add your Twitter keys, tokens and user-name in the corresponding fields. Set the amount of tweets you would like to fetch and how often you want to synchronise with the Twitter API. Change the settings if you wish to style, configure mentions and retweets. The CSS check-box is enabled by default but if you wish to add the code to your own stylesheet then this can be safely disabled.


The debugging area will display any error messages if they occur. The “Check Status” button will check that you have successfully connected to the Twitter API or display any error message as they occur.

Backup Feature

The backup feature automatically runs once a week in the background. If the Twitter API goes down then your latest tweets will be displayed from the backup, a confirmation message will appear in the debugging area.

Feature Requests or Bugs

Please feel free to request any new features or to submit any bugs, if found. You can find further support on my blog


A Feature + WordPress Twitter Plugin




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