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Simple way to edit in a git commit history
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Have you ever begun an interactive rebase to edit a commit, and then find that you also want to edit the parent commit? Or just wanted to edit a few commits back without going through the interactive rebase rigamarole?

git-prev-next is a pair of custom git commands to make it easier to navigate and rebase in a git commit history. It is built on top of interactive rebase.


> # Oops, I need to make a change three commits up
> git prev 3
...hack hack hack...
> git commit --amend
> # oh I need to fix the next commit too
> git next
...hack hack hack...
> git commit --amend
> # all done
> git rebase --continue

git prev

This takes the current HEAD commit and prepends it to the rebase todo list (as 'pick'). It then resets to the parent commit.

If there is not a current interactive rebase, git prev will begin one.

You can pass a number like git prev 3 to go up 3 commits.

git next

This takes the next entry in the todo list, switches it to 'edit', and then invokes git rebase --continue. Note this terminates the interactive rebase if it reaches the top.

You can also pass a number to git next.


Install through copying or symlinking into your $PATH. For example:

ln -s $PWD/git-prev ~/.bin
ln -s $PWD/git-next ~/.bin


git prev and git next will refuse to enter or exit merge commits. They also will error if your worktree is not clean.

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