Ridon 7.1.2

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Install SDK

If you haven’t previously installed adb and fastboot, you can download from Google. Extract it using: unzip platform-tools-latest-linux.zip -d ~

Now we have to add adb and fastboot to our path. Open ~/.bashrc and add the following:

# add Android SDK platform tools to path
if [ -d "$HOME/platform-tools" ] ; then

Install the build packages

You'll need:

bc bison build-essential curl flex g++-multilib gcc-multilib git gnupg gperf imagemagick lib32ncurses5-dev lib32readline-gplv2-dev lib32z1-dev libesd0-dev liblz4-tool libncurses5-dev libsdl1.2-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev libxml2 libxml2-utils lzop libssl-dev pngcrush rsync schedtool squashfs-tools xsltproc zip zlib1g-dev openjdk-8-jdk

For Ubuntu 15.10 (wily) and newer, substitute: lib32readline-gplv2-dev → lib32readline6-dev

For Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) and newer, substitute: libwxgtk2.8-dev → libwxgtk3.0-dev

Prepare Directories

You’ll need to set up some directories in your build environment.

To create them:

$ mkdir -p ~/bin
$ mkdir -p ~/ridon/system

Install the repo command

Enter the following to download the repo binary and make it executable (runnable):

$ curl https://storage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo > ~/bin/repo
$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Put the ~/bin directory in your path of execution

In recent versions of Ubuntu/Debian, ~/bin should already be in your PATH. You can check this by opening ~/.bashrc with a text editor and verifying the following code exists (add it if it is missing):

# set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then

Then, run source ~/.bashrc to update your environment.

Initialize source repository

Enter the following to initialize the repository:

$ cd ~/ridon/system
$ repo init -u https://github.com/ridon/ridon.git --depth 1 -b ridon-7.1.2

Download the source code

To start the download of the source code to your computer:

$ repo sync